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Clay County Texas Ranches for Sale

County Seat - Henrietta, Texas

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Clay County General Information

Clay County is on U.S. highways 287 and 82 on the Red River in north Texas, ninety miles northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The ninety-eighth meridian, which unofficially divides the United States into east and west, runs through the eastern part of the county. The county measures forty-six miles from north to south and twenty-five miles from east to west. The total land area is about 1,150 square miles. The terrain is nearly level to gently sloping. About a third of the county is prime farmland. The flora of most of the county is typical of the Cross Timbers and prairie, with grasses predominating. The northwest corner is in the Rolling Plains vegetation area, with taller grasses, mesquite, and cacti common. Trees, including mesquite, blackjack, post oak, and elm, are scattered throughout the county, but are more numerous along the streams.