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370 acres - Scott Hunting Ranch


Scott Hunting Ranch is located in southern Knox County on the Haskell and Knox County Line just southeast of Munday, Texas. Scott Lake is located in the center of the ranch and is a waterfowl mecca.


Scott Hunting Ranch is not your ordinary North Texas hunting property.  For many years the ranch has primarily been used for waterfowl hunting, but has become an all-around recreational hunting tract. There is water and cover on the property and multiple food sources completely surrounding the ranch! Through the years the trees and brush have grown extensively around the borders of the ranch, providing a natural buffer and shelter for wildlife. Very thick, tall grasses are also found surrounding the Scott Lake area and have become home to an abundance of quail, as well as an excellent area for hogs and deer to bed down. Dove is also plentiful in this area because of the many food sources on and around the Scott Lake Ranch. It is difficult to find a place this size with so much hunting opportunity in the North Texas area. Let me show you what this fantastic ranch has to offer! Absolutely phenomenal waterfowl hunting land in the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP). With approximately 3,000 acres of drainage area, the lake's level will vary with rainfall. When full it is about 250 surface acres (3.5 feet deep at the most) and in the hot summer months, it actually shrinks to just a mud hole and allows vegetation such as smartweed and millet to grow. The lake is fed by runoff from surrounding fields, as well as the county road ditches. Vegetation throughout the Scott Lake includes tall Switch grass, Side Oats Grama, Plain Bristle grass, Klein grass, B. Dahl and Bluestem. This ranch is located in an area of abundant surface water, lots of grain crops, and in the Central Flyway zone. In the winter months, waterfowl by the thousands are roosting on the lake. Lesser Canadian Geese are the predominant waterfowl from November through February, but ducks including Teal, Pintails, Widgeons, Mallards, and Gadwalls are also common to Scott Lake. There are many vantage points around and out in Scott Lake that allow multiple hunters and different hunting setups. Scott Lake also has no hunting pressure from the neighboring properties and this quality is nearly impossible to find in todays’ hunting world.


Electricity, good to excellent fencing; concrete spillway with rocked overflow canal; several waterfowl blinds; county road access.


Whitetail deer, geese, ducks, Bobwhite quail, turkey, wild hogs, dove.


$1,080 per acre


Andrew Pennington - Listing Agent (940) 838-8112