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225 acres Rising Star Game Ranch


Located in southern Eastland County, just east of HWY 183 a couple of miles on a gravel county road 288. The ranch is approximately 12 miles south of Cisco, Texas and I-20 or 7.5 miles north of Rising Star, Texas. Distance to downtown Fort Worth, Texas is approximately 110 miles.


The Rising Star Game Ranch is a great getaway game ranch with tons of recreation and fun to offer in good proximity to the DFW metroplex! The ranch is privately located on a low traveled gravel county road and as soon as you leave the main camp area of the property back into the ranch, you feel extremely secluded. The current owner has previously harvested whitetail in the 180-190 range and has managed the deer herd to promote more quality hunting. With the great genetics that have been brought in from Windy B Ranch, it is possible to harvest deer in the 200+ range! The terrain is extremely diverse on the property; ranging from hardwood lined bottomland meadows with subby soils leading down to the Sabana River bottom to heavily wooded large hillsides above. On the west and northwest side of the ranch, there are improved coastal grass fields that are great for grazing or haying. These areas are also perfect for viewing wildlife, since the other parts of the ranch are so thick that it is difficult to see many as you pass through. These thick areas of brush are comprised of large mesquite, numerous large hardwood trees, and a variety of underbrush. These areas of the property are prime wildlife habitat and make hunting a “challenge”. Possibly, the greatest attribute of the Rising Star Game Ranch is the amount of ground water that is readily available and used to supplement the surface ponds and waterfowl slough. The current owner has spent much time and many dollars creating an underground pipeline system that feeds the ponds, slough, and many other parts of the ranch for potential watering points. This is a huge benefit, because is dry times of the year, it is convenient to flood the duck slough and have phenomenal waterfowl hunting. The well water is actually warmer than the surface water, so in sub-zero weather the slough doesn’t freeze over and attracts waterfowl from all areas when others are frozen! There is also a really cool rock waterfall that is supplied by the water wells that empties into the large fishing pond with a pier. This steady supply of clean water is huge for keeping the water well circulated and fresh. Next to each side of the nice wooden pier, there are large flat rocks that were placed there for character and to allow hunting dogs or pets to easily come and go from the water to the dock. The southeast corner of the ranch actually goes right up to the Sabana River bank, but since it does not cross the river there is no problems with water gaps in the high fence and instead you get the benefit of the large hardwood trees near the river bottom.  


Mobile home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, (In good condition), in-ground storm cellar, 4 ponds, including two that are stocked with fish and 3 are fed by large volume water wells to sustain a nice water level even in dry conditions, nice fishing pier on large pond as well as a rock waterfall fed by the water wells, 3 large water wells with great capacity, 3-5 acre duck slough that has the water wells tied into it to raise the level during prime hunting months. Area around camp is plumbed for an irrigation/sprinkler system, tract is completely high-game fenced and well as cross-fenced with barbed-wire in several pastures. Van dry box for a storage area and wired with electricity. Good Interior road system throughout the ranch. 75+ whitetail deer (several in at least the 150-175 + range, several exotics are also on the ranch, multiple tower blinds; multiple corn feeder and protein feeder setups that are strategically located throughout the ranch. There is electricity in multiple areas of ranch.


Whitetail deer, waterfowl, turkey, excellent dove hunting, Fishing in ponds.

****The whitetail deer were stocked in 2004-2007 and were brought in from the Windy B Ranch. They are 50% southern and 50% northern with 200 class genetics!****




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