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104 acres - Wildlife Corridor


Located in Wilbarger County approximately 12 miles north of Vernon, Texas between County Road 95 and 97 North.  Approximately 2 1/2 hours from Fort Worth, Texas or 3 hours from Dallas, Texas.


The Wildlife Corridor is a long narrow stretch of land that is a high density game area of Wilbarger County, Texas. The tract is rolling with mild elevation changes on each end and the center part of the property is mostly flat. For a tract of this size, it hunts and seems much bigger due to the shape of the property and the minimal road exposure. From the county road on the west end of the tract, the view of 99% of the land is obstructed from the large brush covered hills. On the other side of these hills would be a great cabin site, having electricity and water nearby. The vegetation on the tract is very diverse ranging from huge plum and scrub brush thickets, sage brush, very large juniper trees scattered about, mesquite, hackberry thickets,  CRP grasses, and super thick native grasses which cover most of the land. The location of the property is a huge contributor to the amount of game travel throughout. The hunting pressure in this area is very limited and many of the neighboring farms are growing peanuts, alfalfa, milo, millet, sesame, and winter wheat. Since these food crops are planted either next door or nearby, they are game magnets for the wildlife that feed in these areas at night. The wildlife bed and hide in the thickets on this Corridor property during the daylight hours. It is not uncommon to see lots of wildlife on any winter day as you travel through this particular tract. I have seen as many as 20 + deer, a dozen turkey, and six covey of quail in an evening drive through! The soils are sandy and easily passable in any weather condition. A food plot is not necessary, but could easily be planted in any area of the Corridor. There have been several 170+ Boone and Crockett Whitetail Deer harvested in this area of the county over the last few years and the Corridor Ranch allows a new owner that potential!


Electricity, excellent well water, county road access to both narrow ends of the tract, approximately 70 acres of CRP grass with around $3,000 income annually.


CRP grass income on some of the acreage


Whitetail Deer, turkey, quail, dove, and wild hogs.


$1,495 per acre


Andrew Pennington - Owner/Agent (940) 838-8112