texas ranches for sale


485 acres


Located in big ranch country off a private road in Mid-Southern Wilbarger County about 5 miles Northeast of Lake Kemp, Baylor County.


This ranch is primarily comprised of mesquite, scrub brush, grassy areas, and has a wet weather creek lined with hardwoods that winds across the north end of the property. The mesquite thickets that are scattered across the ranch are ideal for holding whitetail deer and the hardwoods along the creek provide an excellent turkey habitat. The creek holds pools of water for most of the year except for very dry times and serves as a watering source for wildlife. The ranch also offers excellent bird habitat and even though the quail population is down, native birds can still be found on the property. There is a 40 acre food plot that has been cleared and maintained for putting in wheat or other food source crops. This ranch is very secluded and perfect for the hunter looking to manage wildlife and be away from any disturbances from more populated areas.


Some Fencing; 40 +/- cultivated acres


Whitetail Deer, Quail, Turkey, Dove, Wild Hogs.


Owner will reserve 50% of All owned Minerals, Wind rights, Water rights, and Solar rights.


$1,350 per acre


Andrew Pennington - Listing Agent (940) 838-8112